Our Brands

Amplify is an ever-evolving network focused on the online generation. From beauty tips to meet-and-greets with renowned YouTubers, we have built a tight relationship with the teenage demographic.

Under the umbrella of Mega Awesome Wow, Marquee has partnered with Turner to launch a digital studio and network that creates a range of original content across six new YouTube channels. The content is designed to appeal to families with preschoolers and kids – and by extension advertisers and clients looking to achieve results for these key demographics in a brand-safe environment


The Next Gamer challenges Australasia's best amateur gaming talent to compete for $10,000 and a contract with a professional team. This is the first show of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and first digital esports reality show worldwide. 

Beautify is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle event centred on diversity, authenticity, and redefining what ‘beauty’ is. Our opening event includes practical workshops, panel discussions, and networking with creators and industry experts.

The Foraged network is about uncovering the unseen, it's about finding stories. From food reviews and mixology segments to travel shoots and hipster coverage, the network has a broad reach. We hang out with the coolest names, whether it's food, drinks or lifestyle and uncover the best, overlooked street stories around the country.