How to do more with digital media, to grow your audience and your reputation

In 2014, 57% of all online traffic was audiovisual. By 2017, it is expected that it will rise to 70%. The world is changing, and veteran brands have an opportunity to change with it. To adapt and grow with the times, stalwart news entity “The Guardian” sought a strategy to bring itself in line with news organisations such as CNN, Buzzfeed and The Telegraph who were already competing on the online video medium.

The video strategy compiled by Marquee Studios focused on:

  • A multi-channel network strategy

  • Partnerships with compelling creators, talent and producers

  • Increasing the amount of overall content output and the audience size

  • Syndicating content through other platforms

This comprehensive strategy was tailored to the Guardian’s brand, product, unique perspective and future plans.

Since the plan has been put in place, The Guardian’s YouTube account has grown from 3.17K subscribers monthly to 8.18K. Its reputation as a competitive and updated news destination has expanded. .

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