Trace Australia’s evolving food scene 52 Weeks a year

With My Kitchen Rules and Masterchef breaking view records, it’s no surprise that food is constantly on the mind of Aussies. But as food obsession enters the mainstream, an underground movement has emerged.
FORAGED is an expansive network that engages with undiscovered audiences who are keen on hanging out with the real tastemakers, good food and better stories.

Our recent release, “FORAGED”, has attracted the attention of KIA, and has since become “FORAGED: Discovered by KIA”. This came from a network wide focus on linking up with specific talent that were authentic, exceptionally talented and incredibly committed to developing extraordinary culinary experiences.

Our May 2015 release achieved 12,000 views in 24 hours for Episode 1 -- on Facebook alone. Plans are already being set in motion to further the series beyond the initial 24 part season 1 to continue the conversation and to broaden our range to a national and international focus for Season 2. This means a broader range of talent, and a further reach into our target audience.