A digital playground, bringing the online into reality just once a year

Generation Notification continues to evolve and shift their interests with each new iPhone. AMPLIFY has navigated this complex generation, and has found methods to make brands appealing in an ever changing environment. 

From Troye Sivan to Connor Franta -- AMPLIFY brings together the very best the digital world has to offer. Each year the most in-demand and entertaining influencers are chosen to perform, meet their fans, reveal more about themselves and connect off of the net. 

With 8,000 attending our AMPLIFY by Rimmel festival, reaching an online audience of over 20,000,000 in its inaugural year, AMPLIFY offers brands such as Rimmel, Universal, U by Kotex and Coke, the lucrative opportunity to align themselves with the biggest names on the minds of our youth. With Rimmel goodie bags being distributed, make-up stations in the digital playground and association with the AMPLIFY Festival -- the Rimmel brand was effectively communicated to one of the most lucrative and notoriously hard-to-reach demographics. 

Contact Marquee Studios to join these leading brands and show your interest in the lead up to our (soon to be announced) 2nd festival.